First Chinese Presbyterian Church 100th Anniversary! PCUSA


Date Title Preacher
1/21/24 Unity In ChristEvangelist Elaine Shao
1/28/24 Temptation Of ChristRev. Dr. Bayer Lee
2/4/24 Soar On Wings Like EaglesEvangelist Elaine Shao
2/11/24 Perishable Must Clothe Itself With The ImperishableRev. Dr. Bayer Lee
2/18/24 Brilliance Of The Creature And Son Of ManRev. Dr. Bayer Lee
2/25/24 In Christ We Are SavedEvangelist Elaine Shao
3/3/24 Rev. Dr. Bayer Lee
3/10/24 Evangelist Elaine Shao
3/17/24 Rev. Dr. Bayer Lee
3/24/24 Evangelist Elaine Shao
3/31/24 Rev. Dr. Bayer Lee