First Chinese Presbyterian Church 100th Anniversary! PCUSA

Women's Guild

The objective of the Women's Guild is to develop the spirituality, Christian fellowship and service to the church. The Fellowship meets regularly on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Program of activities includes prayer, Bible study, devotion, talks and seminars, games and lunch. Visitation is an important ministry of the Women's Guild. There is also the annual retreat and summer conference. All adult females are welcome to participate.

Women's Guild Committee 2022

Chair: Christine Louie
Vice Chair/Treasurer: Kit Lam
Secreatary: Shuet Li Teng
Assistant Secretary: Shook Han Wong
Devotion: Frances Fong
Assistant: Sau Wah Lo Chan
Social: Mei Luk
Assistant: Belinda Yu
Visitation: Fung Siu Ng Assistant: Kee Tsui Lee
Members: Susan Quan, Sau Wah Lo Chan
General Duty: Won Hing Lee
Assistant: Sun Mee Lee
Members: Bo Yuk Ng Chiu, Belinda Yu, Susan Quan, Cynthia Chan
Advisor: Peng Leong
Session Representative: